With KOOL VR, users can convert projects created in Coohom to true VR with one click!
We provide both desktop client and web-based-backend.

KOOL VR Desktop Client(for offline demo)

Workbench - Browse recently rendered designs
My Plan - Sync'd with Coohom designs, render/view VR with one click
Company sample - Deluxe Edition can view model designs from corprate
Classic sample - View stellar sample designs for free

KOOL VR Web-based-backend 

My plan - Sync'd with Coohom designs, render to VR with one click, can switch materials and objects
Business examplary - Deluxe Version: Administrator can pick and distribute designs submitted from sub-accounts
3D Model Library - Deluxe Version: Sync'd with Coohom's 3D model repository with one click, substitution enabled with VR
Merchandise - Deluxe Version: Inventory management of merchandise, allows editing of merchandise information (dimensions, price, logo)
Statistics - Tracks VR renders and experiences across all accounts
Sub account - Child-account allocation & management
System settings - Deluxe Edition: Admin can set company logo & TV (in VR) content

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