Today we will walk you through the different permissions of four mains roles. Admin, manager, senior designer and designer.

First, a company can only have one admin account. Just like the boss of the enterprise, admin manages all accounts and settings. He can create and manage senioer designer, designer and manager accounts.

Basically, manager is created by admin. Like general manager, his permissions are generally the same as admin. Manager helps admin with the account management, but he can only create and manage senior designers and designers instead of admin and other manager accounts.

Admin and manager can create senior designers and designer accounts. Designers can only undertake the most basic and project design related work.

As for admins and managers, they can create and edit personalfloor plans. 

When sharing a project, theyhave three methods to choose: can view, can duplicate, same enterprise’s accounts can edit. 

In addition, they can also view and edit team projects. Especially copy the floor plans designed by other users of the same enterprise account to their own project list.

Enterprise library is also a very important part of work for admin and manager. Like 3D model, finish and texture uploading,brand and tag management. 

Admin can tag the product according to its brand and features. Then customers may find these products easier in the floor planner. 

Moreover, they can also authorize enterprise models to other enterprises.

In addition to the enterprise library, they also have a personal model library. All products in it can only be used under their individual accounts. For example, the admin uploads a personal model. Then, this model can only be found under My Uploads of the admin account. It is not visible in other manager or designer accounts.

Data Analytics helps the admin to comprehensively analyze the click and usage of the models in all enterprise accounts.

Account Management creates and manages manager and designer accounts. You have to pay attention to one thing. Admin can create and manage manager, senior designer and designer accounts. 

Manager can only create and manage senior designer and designer accounts.

Create a new account here. Enter the username, email and password. Choose role. Manager, senior designer or designer. Done. You can also edit the existing accounts. Change the password, or delete the account. And for manager account, he can only create senior designer and designer accounts.

For backend settings, you can turn on or partially turn on the public library content. Administrator like admin and managercan toggle off public library or hide competitor products. If you choose to toggle off, the whole library will not appear. 

If you only turn off certain contents, some categories will not show up.

Besides, they can also set the enterprise name, logo and watermark. These settings will directly sync with all accounts of the same enterprise.

Panorama settings are the same.

As for senior designers and designers, their functions are relatively simple.

They have no team projects, enterprise library, data analytics, account management, public library management.

And can only create and manage floor plans. 

But for senior designers, they can download the 3D models which uploaded by admin and managers.

The sharing methods they have are the same with manager and admin. Upload personal models for personal use. 

In the floor planner, designer can use all the enterprise products the admin and manager uploaded.

 And their personal models can be found under My Accounts.

For settings module, senior designers and designers have no permission to do this part, although they can see these options. The person can modify this are admin and manager. The changes of this section will sync with the floor planner and renderings.

So, are you clear about the different permissions among admin, manager, senior designer and designer now?

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