1. Create a new project.

    2.Draw or import a floor plan.

      2.1 Select Draw, choose Wall Structures, Wall or Room.

       2.2 Click left mouse button to draw. Input the length of the wall.

        2.3 Draw the whole room.

    3. Name rooms. (This is the key to use sample project successfully.)

Select the room name Untitled to name the room.

    4. Select one room or whole house, choose a sample project.
        4.1 Single Room

             Go to Floor Plan Navigator, select one room, BEDROOM for example.

          Go to Sample Projects, Filter Single Room.

        Select one sample project, Apply.

       4.2 Whole House.

             Select whole rooms > Sample Projects > Filter > Whole House.

              Select one sample project, Apply.

This can help you to design more quickly and easily.

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