Hey, many users have questioned about how to make a second floor. Noted that the systematic multi-story functionality with BIM technology, which we currently do not support, is estimated to launch in the future. As for now, we recommend you creating your second floor by using our Construction tool. Below, we list two available methods:

Push / Pull

( Youtube link: https://youtu.be/nZuYADanxdU )

To complete the second floor in this way, you may:

1. Draw the first level.

2. Set the first level height to the height of two levels. Like 6000mm.

3. Drag a staircase to your project. Resize it to make the stair perfectly fit the space.

4. Click Advanced ToolsConstruction in the left panel to go to our modeling tool.

5. In Construction tool, use Rect (in the top toolbar) to draw the contours of the first floor.

6. Then, duplicate and drag the face to the position of the second level.

7. Use Push/Pull to protrude this face down 150mm to form the second floor.

8. Go back to DIY tool.

9. Drag the building materials and furniture to the first level. And use Height Above Floor function to move them to the second level. 

( Note: Put your second floor's windows and doors first, instead of the first level's.)

10. Go render.

11. Adjust the camera height in the right panel to take pictures of your second floor.

12. Back to the merchant platform.

13. Click My ProjectsView Project 720 Tour and use multiple panos to generate a 720 tour.

14. After generating, click View 720 Tour to enjoy the great immersive walk.

Wall Extrusion

( Youtube link: https://youtu.be/DrXhXIcJkok )

Brief steps for this method:

1. Draw the first level.

2. Set the level height to 5000mm (for example).

3. Select one wall that is perpendicular to the second floor and change it into Dwarf Wall with the height of 2500mm.

4. Click Advanced ToolsConstruction in the left panel to go to our modeling tool.

5. Choose one exterior wall and click Background Wall Editor.

6. In the editor, use Rect tool (in the top toolbar) to draw the profile of second level on the face.

7. Protrude this part as the second floor.

8. Drag finish to the second floor.

9. Save and quit background wall editor.

10. Now, the second floor is ready. Drag more finishes to your project.

(Note: For some remaining white panels, please use Rect tool from the top toolbar to draw the contours of these panels and paste the finish that copied from the beside wall to them.)

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