3ds Max Model Upload Requirements

3ds Max model should:

1. The 3ds Max file must be saved in pre-2019 versions and archived.

2. The size of a compressed file or an .obj file should be less than 100MB.

3. The model should be converted into the editable mesh and the number of model polys should be less than 800,000.

4. The unit should be mm. And the maximum dimension should be less than 30m.

5. Please use V-Ray materials for your models. Other materials may lower the display effect.

6. Bitmap must be filled in. The texture name in the bitmap must be in accordance with the name you provided.

Texture should:

1. The texture must be .jpg, .png and .tif and must not be .psd and .tga formats. ( Color file should be .rgb. The .cmyk file may change the texture color and cause a serious color difference problem after uploaded. So, .cmyk format is not recommended. )

2. The file pixels should be less than 5,000.


1. Hair and Fur material is not supported.

2. The ceiling should have the lighting and strip effects. Please demonstrate the strip as a luminous material and do not use V-Ray lights.

SketchUp Model Upload Requirements

1. Currently only SketchUp 2016 and earlier versions are supported.

2. Support single .skp file upload only.

3. The model file should be less than 30MB. (You can export .obj file, .obj file less than 30MB.)

4. The unit should be mm.

5. The size of the model in the scene should not exceed 30 meters.

6. The texture format supports .jpg, .png and .tif. The color mode should be .rgb, and the pixel size of the texture file should not exceed 5,000.

7. Material supports SketchUp materials. V-Ray materials are not supported.

8. The front view is the front view of the model.

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