Getting Started in Coohom Merchant Platform
  • Updated on 30 Apr 2019
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Getting Started in Coohom Merchant Platform

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Merchant Platform is a Coohom SaaS service, allowing you to manage projects, enterprise library, your own products, accounts and settings. Different roles like designer, manager and admin can access to distinct functionalities. Here's how it works:

  1. Projects is a place for you to go through all schemes of your enterprise. You can edit, share, rename, duplicate, delete and check the detailed info of your own projects under My Projects. Team Projects enables you to see and check other team members' designs.

  2. Enterprise Library contains Products and Brand management two sections. Products help you upload and manage your 3D models, finishes and textures. You can swap textures in Texture Library. Manage the brands of your enterprise under Brand management.

  3. My Uploads is a private library built for you to upload and manage your own, not your enterprise's, 3D models and finishes.

  4. Data Analytics demonstrates the performance statistics of your products. Track and check your products' clicks, displays, etc here.

  5. Account Management assists you to create and manage up to 100 accounts for your team.

  6. Settings helps you manage and update your enterprise name, logo, customized URL, rendering watermark and login cover. Personalize your enterprise info here.

Roles & Permissions

Coohom provides the enterprise account with three different roles, such as designer, manager and admin. The functions these roles have are vary. The details are as follows:

Designer Manager Admin
My Projects
Team Projects
3D models
Brand management
My Uploads
Data Analytics
Account Management
Public Library

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